End of Summer Thoughts

It almost feels like the height of summer most of the time. Still, we know that the cooler season is just around the bend, and I have a strong feeling my wardrobe could do with an autumn-update.

If you ask me, there are a couple of indispensable classics that every girl should own. The right piece can make me happy for several seasons on end, some clothes just always seem to work. I’m thinking about over-sized cashmere pullovers, for example, or – another evergreen – denim shirts, that I often combine with more ‘trendy’ and of-the-moment items like slippers or, as in this outfit, a wraparound-skirt (some call this a 70s trend, but I am a child of the 80s). Fact is, the online shops are full with great clothes this season, loads of them stir that special kind of longing in me and wander high up my to-buy list. Among other things, I’m thinking about a beautiful, brown, calf-long and over-sized coat or the next it-bag.

It doesn’t always need to be a big brand either. The quality is what counts! I love buying from newcomer labels, on the one hand because I know that I support them, on the other because the smaller series make me crave some items that much more, knowing that ‘not everyone has them’. As soon as certain pieces of clothing or accessories start to pop up in my Instagram feed in inflationary frequency. I lose interest, regardless what label may be behind individual pieces. Seeing too much of something devalues it for me, rather than making it more precious. I’m just not so interested in chasing a product that ‘everyone else’ has anyways, and I don’t find it particularly inspiring to see the same stuff at every corner.

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