Business and Fashion Interview with @notagirlygal

Instagram is such a powerful social platform these days. Being there you admire many people's profile, their photos, positive vibe, attitude, what they do. This is how I discovered an Instagram profile of my today's guest.

Who is Andrada? It's a London Fashion Blogger who creates unique outfits to show her personality. She also empowers other women to dress bold and to be amazing themselves in everyday life.

We've first started to follow each other on Instagram, next we met at London Stylist Live event here and finally gathered over a cup of delicious coffee at one of the most famous cafe's in London -  Peggy Porschen Cakes.  I've decided to ask her few question to get to know her a bit more. Please welcome and meet her with me.

What is your blog about and why did you decide to go into blogging? 

I love to be asked about the reason why I started blogging! I aim to inspire women to dress however they feel - to express themselves and not follow all trends just because it’s the ‘right’ thing to do. When I was in high school and all the way until now, I felt I wasn’t fitting in, that I need to wear pretty dresses and flat shoes to look beautiful. It just wasn’t me - to feel good, I had to be bold and embrace my own style in a standardised world. I support girls who are different, who are not necessarily girly but can show their class. That’s how Not A Girly Gal started and if you feel you’re relating to my story then I would be delighted to have you on my journey. Drop me an email or get in touch on Instagram, I would love to keep in touch :) 

Wow, that's a truly fabulous story behind creating your blog Andrada. I'm sure you'll inspire many women out there with your attitude towards fashion. Saying that I'd like to go to another question please.

Could you give us one piece of advice to a woman starting her own business now?

For a woman starting her own business my one piece of advice is: treat it as a business from day one. It’s non stop work most of times, you never switch off and you have to be your biggest supporter when no one will be. If you’re not ready for the hustle, then don’t expect it to work out. So get ready, drink up your coffee or whatever gives you a lot of energy and stay motivated. Trust me, it will work out! Always think about the reasons why you started in the first place and allow yourself to pursue your dreams.

That is indeed a great piece of advice for anyone deciding to start their own business. Going back to the reasons of why've started doing it in the first place, to refer to what motivates them the most is always a great turning point. 

Now I would like to ask you: Who is your role model? Who inspires you? 

Strong and powerful women inspire me. Maria Hatzistefanis, founder of Rodial and Sophia Amoruso, founder of NastyGal inspire me business wise for their strength and passion for their projects. Style wise, I find Audrey Hepburn and Dita Von Teese really interesting and classy! 

Yes indeed, they're all truly amazing women and I understand your choices so well.

Now, let's change a subject slightly. It's inevitable we're heading into a winter season soon.
What items do you recommend women to wear during the cold season? Can you give us your top 3 items? 
I recommend wearing things that keep you warm, nothing is more unattractive than shivering all the time. A big coat, leather gloves and fedora hat are items I swear by during this time of year. 

I must admit I truly love your choices.
Thank you very much Andrada for having me! You are a truly amazing woman :)

I hope this short interview has inspired you enough to now find Andrada on social media? She's to be found on:

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  1. Odpowiedzi
    1. Fajnie, że znajomości z Instagrama można przenieść do rzeczywistości i wspólnie zrobić coś fajnego <3

  2. Odpowiedzi
    1. It's a must have place on a map of London for a coffee and cake <3 I loved it.

  3. pozdrawiam serdecznie, fajne fotki, nawiązane znajomości z internetu przenoszą się na prawdziwe i realne życie. Ja poznałam już wiele blogerek, i takie spotkania są super

    1. O tak to prawda. To cudowne, że nasza praca i pasja przeradza się w realne znajomości. Mam ich już kilka. Pozdrawiam.

  4. Przepiękne miejsce na kawę :) a wywiad ciekawy.

    1. Miejsce warte uwagi i odwiedzin a Andrada przesypmatyczna. Dziękuje za odwiedziny.


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